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Youth In The Non-Profit Sector: Contribution To The Philanthropist Special Edition

LiveWorkPlay co-leader Keenan Wellar had the opportunity to contribute an article to The Philanthropist special edition on youth in the non-profit sector. The introduction to this edition states in part “In discussions with adults and youth knowledgeable about the not-for-profit sector, it became evident that conventional ways of thinking about philanthropy and civic engagement may not work for many young people in the contemporary context.”

Keenan says he “fully agrees” and “hopes that [his] contribution will be of help in some small way to compelling a shift in non-profit practices. These are challenging times, and we desperately need bright young minds to join us. While they will always have other choices in life, non-profit organizations have it in their control to make many relatively simple changes that will at the very least eliminate impediments to youth engagement.”

Keenan also welcomes your comments on the article which can be left on Facebook or his personal blog.

LiveWorkPlay is proud to include citizens of all ages in our efforts to build a more inclusive community and world, and with this article we also continue our tradition of sharing with others in contributing to positive change.

Social Change and a Welcoming Environment for Youth in the Nonprofit Community

Wellar, K. (2013). Social Change and a Welcoming Environment for Youth in the Nonprofit Community. The Philanthropist, 25(2). Retrieved from