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Where Possibilities Take Flight

LiveWorkPlay helps the community welcome and include people with intellectual disabilities, autistic persons, and individuals with a dual diagnosis to live, work, and play as valued citizens.


There are many different ways to make a contribution as a LiveWorkPlay volunteer.

This includes spending one on one time with one of our members to explore a shared interest in the community (it could be anything from playing video games to rock climbing) as well as supporting social activities as part of a small group. We call these “meet-ups” and while we help bring people together, they are just like other meet-up groups in Ottawa and around the world.

While people who do not have a disability experience the world in ways that are different from those who do have a disability, those differences are only a small part of what it means to be a human being.

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Day By Day

Coming soon, in support of our 25th anniversary year in 2020, LiveWorkPlay will host the Day By Day show on our YouTube channel, where we’ll talk with members, partners, volunteers, staff and leaders from Ottawa and beyond. While waiting for the launch we invite you to enjoy existing videos on our YouTube channel

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