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Our Impact

All of our work is guided by the seven principles of the Just Enough Support approach, which is explained in our video series. The principles are both a guideline and an outcome – they tell us how to go about our work, and also help us understand when we are achieving mission-oriented results.

Just Enough Support | The Seven Principles


LiveWorkPlay supports some 300 adults with intellectual disabilities, autistic persons, and individuals with a dual diagnosis every year, with support that varies by nature (home, work, community) as well as how it is organized and funded.

We Support Over 300 adults.


We also impact the quality of life for families, enhance workplaces through increased productivity and inclusivity, and improve housing, community venues, and groups in our community through partnerships that support welcoming and inclusive practices.


At this time we are working with Third Sector Consulting and Nexus Human Capital on new measurement and reporting of our impact, which we are seeking to frame in the context of our Just Enough Support approach.

Next Steps

While this is in development, please review our Annual Report documents for information about out outputs, outcomes, and impact. Our 2020 AGM was conducted online, and includes a strategic update.