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Research on Researchers: Sheenagh interviews Ann-Louise Davidson about LiveWorkPlay and much more!


For this news feature we direct you to an insightful interview by Sheenagh Morrison and our friends at The Personal Support Networks Project, aka “101 Friends,” which is hosted by Spectrum Society for Community Living in British Columbia. The blog is published as an e-newsletter each month. According to the site managers “It’s our intention to create a provincial forum for a continued discussion of how people with disabilities engage in reciprocal relationships, and how we can expand and deepen the possibilities of those relationships.”

The relationship between LiveWorkPlay and Spectrum is an informal but meaningful partnership that is mostly conducted online. We have spent quite a bit more face time with Concordia Professor Ann-Louise Davidson, but she is also in continuous social media contact. When we found out she was going to be traveling to BC and looking for interesting connections, the answer came quickly: check out Spectrum!

We were recently introduced to the work of Ann-Louise Davidson and are really excited by her collaborative methods, her insights into the lives of folks with disabilities, her partnership with an agency that we admire a lot, LiveWorkPlay, and her most recent work around using technology to foster independence through the use of iPads.   She took some time from her busy schedule to talk to Sheenagh about her work and her partnership with LiveWorkPlay.

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