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Cooking Up A Recipe For Success

Has it really been 16 years?

Back in 1999 the fledgling charitable organization “Special Needs Network” hosted a small fundraising event with hopes of raising $5000. Just two years later in 2001, the Recipe for Success Culinary Adventure and Charity Auction had expanded into a newsworthy event¬†and was also the occasion for a change of name, as “LiveWorkPlay” was unveiled by pre-amalgamation Ottawa mayor Jim Watson, with local media personality Cyndi Edwards on hand to champion the auction and help drive up the bids.


As of 2014 much has changed, and yet much remains the same. The event still relies heavily on the volunteer labour and generosity of those closest to the organization, and a dedicated staff team that adds a multitude of tasks to their already full plates. Mayor Jim Watson will help to get the live auction going, and local media personalities Derick Fage and Sandy Sharkey will be the co-auctioneers!

It is not too late to attend Recipe for Success 2014. Please purchase your advance tickets and be sure to share the program which is now available from the event website.