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Patrick’s Place


Patrick Doyle has been a LiveWorkPlay member since 2012, and we have had the opportunity to support him in a variety of life pursuits. This video (prepared independent of LiveWorkPlay by MAPS see below) details some of the journey Patrick and his family have followed in supporting Pat to make his way in the adult world. This includes a plan for how to progress towards his own home in the community.

There are likely more videos to follow and we don’t want to ruin your enjoyment of those when they are released, but it is certainly public information that Patrick’s plan accelerated relatively quickly after the making of this video, which was wrapped up by the fall of 2014. Patrick has been living in his own apartment since the spring of 2015, and we hope future videos will detail how it is all going! He was celebrated as a recipient of the My Own Home bursary at the Engines of Success Twentieth Anniversary Celebration on June 4, 2015.

Please note that while MAPS speaks of “independence” this word can sometimes be misunderstood as meaning “without assistance.” This is of course not what is intended but at LiveWorkPlay we more frequently speak of “interdependence” as described by the Interdependence Network:

An interdependence paradigm promotes our commonality, not our differences.  Such an approach does not concentrate on trying to fix or change the person with the disability. Instead, the focus is on helping individuals gain independence by developing and maintaining meaningful social relationships, based on the person’s interests and passions.

At LiveWorkPlay we believe that the importance of relationships as keys to life success are often grossly underestimated in the service delivery system, and in fact, the traditional programmatic structure of Developmental Services often serves to both create and reinforce isolation for natural relationships and authentic community venues.

The answer is certainly not a mystery: person-centred, assets-based, and community-focused approaches are needed in partnership with individuals, families, and the community. However, the transformation to this approach is moving at different paces in different jurisdictions. LiveWorkPlay is committed to leading-edge efforts and is working openly with other organizations (at various stages of transformation) to support an impact well beyond our own borders.

MAPS (Multidimensional Assessment of Providers and Systems) is a research program to inform the assessment of services and supports for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Ontario, Canada.

MAPS is a provincial interdisciplinary team of researchers working with individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, their families, service providers, government representatives and researchers in other provinces and countries.

Enhanced social inclusion, choice and independence are outcomes central to Social Inclusion Act. The goal of MAPS is to achieve a consensus of what is meant by social inclusion, choice and independence and how best to capture information about these outcomes.