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“Be Not Forgotten” a Message of Hope Received!

From a letter from a private donor to LiveWorkPlay Co-Leader Julie Kingstone dated December 1, 2015:

I’m pleased to be writing you on Giving Tuesday, and am buoyed by the recent Ontario news that workshops for people with intellectual disabilities will begin to be close, and that the future does indeed look much more inclusive and supportive for these people. Our foundation wishes to continue to support you, Keenan, and your team as you work so tirelessly so that people with intellectual disabilities be not forgotten, but included, integrated, and enjoyed as contributing members of our communities. Accordingly, to help you in your advocacy work, enclosed please fine a cheque for $5000. Please know that we are extremely proud of your accomplishments and it is truly encouraging to witness the evolution of a public mindset that seemed fresh out of ideas to one that realizes the ideas that appeal to us all [about what it means to have a good life] are the right ones for all citizens.

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