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Emily Menard and Welch LLP: An Employment Match That Works!

Airing for the first time during the CTV Ottawa newscast of February 9, this one minute video by United Way Ottawa and Bell Media features LiveWorkPlay member Emily Menard and her employment as a clerk with Welch LLP, a Chartered Professional Accounting firm headquartered from Slater Street in Ottawa. Managing Partner Micheal Burch appears in the video along with Emily, who shares her enthusiasm for the job.


Also attending the video shoot from LiveWorkPlay were Jacob Pollack, Job Connector, and the organization’s Co-Leader, Keenan Wellar.

“Along with my colleagues, I really enjoyed supporting this employment match,” says Jacob. “Her co-workers at Welch LLP have valued her as a member of the team from the beginning, and that’s a critically important aspect of the role of a Job Connector. In the beginning we provided supplementary training but that’s always with the goal of building the natural support that all employees require to do their jobs well after their training period is completed.”

After spending time in the environment, Keenan was struck by the feedback from Emily’s colleagues. “I got a pretty clear picture of how co-workers at Welch LLP see Emily,” he says. “Basically, she’s a dedicated worker who loves her job and does it very well. On top of that, she brings a positive energy. I think that’s probably what most employers would consider an ideal employee.”

For her part, in addition to her comments that made it to air, Emily was very clear that her job satisfaction comes not only from work and colleagues she enjoys, but also from earning a competitive wage. This is also not her first job, and pursuing this position at Welch LLP meant taking the risk of giving up another job that she also enjoyed. Emily has value as an employee, and at LiveWorkPlay we are excited about how well she understands her own value. “I believe in myself!” is one of the keys to her success.

Many young people with intellectual disabilities and their families may be looking to the future and wondering if real work for real pay is a realistic goal. Emily hopes that sharing her story will help inspire others to follow their dreams.

Special thanks to Andrée Dion from United Way Ottawa and Kyle Turk from Welch LLP for their collaboration.