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A Record-Setting Day & More Connections Made: BNI Golf For LiveWorkPlay

Yesterday an incredible $12,000 was raised at the BNI (Business Network International) Eastern Ontario golf tournament. The tournament proceeds were first designated for LiveWorkPlay in 2014, and the 2017 result represents a near-doubling of the funds raised just three years ago!

An incredible $12000 raised!
“It’s also important to understand the work is done by BNI” says LiveWorkPlay co-leader Keenan Wellar. “We help promote the event and we have representatives to take part for the day, but this it’s all BNI resources that make it happen.”
The co-executive of Denis Brisson and Jocelyne D’Aoust certainly lead by example with the BNI “Givers Gain” philosophy. Jocelyne is in continuous motion the entire day and with a team of volunteers manages everything from registration to prizes, raffles, and silent auction.
Denis drips dry just before a fresh soaking!
Always innovating, Denis thought many BNI chapter members might enjoy the opportunity to drop him in a dunk tank. So that’s what he did – shivering all the way “Anything for LiveWorkPlay” shouted Denis, as he plunged again and again into the depths.

LiveWorkPlay is always invited to share a few words, and for 2017, Manager of Employer Partnerships Jen Soucy brought forward the idea that one of the volunteers from our Employment Task Force (ETF) should have this honour. ETF member Matt Shipley (also representing BNI Chapter 212°) shared the story of how Three Degree Wealth Advisory hired Ali Wilcox thanks to an employment match from LiveWorkPlay.

Matt speaks to an attentive audience!
 Matt shared the biggest mistake made after hiring Ali: “We gave her probably 1/10 of what she could handle, so we fixed that!”

Each year about a dozen members of the LiveWorkPlay community attend the event. This year in addition to those mentioned already were Patrick, Joe, and Gisele Doyle, along with Constance Hudak and David Keay. Gisele is part of the team helping out with raffles and David and Constance brought in some valuable auction items in addition to some effective networking out on the course!