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Annual Family Gathering Celebrates Togetherness with Music by Chicken Fried

Jeremy, Anthony, Gillian and Shayna carry on the Foolish Family Feast hat tradition!

Every year on a Friday close to April 1, LiveWorkPlay hosts the Foolish Family Feast. Whenever it lands right on April Fool’s, we enjoy a few jokes and dress for the occasion. Interesting hats are the most popular celebratory apparel.

Because the event also occurs close to World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, a relatively new tradition was established in recent years with Paul Knoll commemorating this important day that symbolizes progress towards more inclusive communities.

Daniel and Paul bring the audience to their feet!

This year Paul invited Daniel Pinsonneault to join him as co-chair, and they opened the feast with a joint statement that was popular not only with attendees, but also with our Facebook and YouTube followers.

This year we had even more fun than usual thanks to the generosity of Greg Madore, Andy MacEwan, Jason Waldorf, and Marty Vallieres the band members of Chicken Fried! They volunteered their talents and time with 90 straight minutes of spirited tunes. It was a lot of country and a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll, and the dance floor was jumping!

Thanks to the great team at St. Anthony’s Banquet Hall, dinner service for 150 went smoothly, and it was delicious too! Special thanks to all of our members, families, volunteers, and staff for sharing your community spirit! See you on May 10 for Make A Buzz Ottawa 2018!

Cuttin’ the rug with Chicken Fried!