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Making Connections: LiveWorkPlay and Community Living Mississauga

For the past 15 years, LiveWorkPlay has been focused on learning and sharing with other groups and organizations in the broader community as well as within the Developmental Services sector. This week we enjoyed hosting Urie Muratovski and Marissa Marr from Community Living Mississauga. Although they were very interested in the work we are doing in employment (discussions with Jen Soucy, Anna Nelson, and Tammy Whelan), they also met with our Volunteer Coordinator and People Connector Alex Darling, talked communications with Keenan Wellar, and shared with Julie Kingstone about various topics related to building great staff teams.

In an effort to provide authentic engagement with LiveWorkPlay culture, Urie and Marissa also participated in the entire team meeting (staff meetings every Tuesday morning) and took part in the welcoming and closing rituals.

“We appreciate the time that everyone took to meet with us and look forward to a continued relationship with LiveWorkPlay and promoting welcoming and inclusive communities” said Marissa.

“Since the establishment of the From Presence To Citizenship initiative we’ve seen an increase in interest from other organizations in the sector who are reaching out as part of their learning strategy, and that’s a great fit with our own strategic directions” said Keenan. “At the upcoming Community Living Ontario conference in September, we expect to keep a busy schedule of learning exchanges in addition to the formal sessions and workshops.”

LiveWorkPlay has partnered with South-East Grey Support Services for a September 13 presentation and panel about “just enough support” that will also feature a video that was filmed last week with LiveWorkPlay members, families, volunteers, friends, staff, and community partners.