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LiveWorkPlay Festive Family Feast 2018 A Night To Remember

Holiday celebrations are one of the oldest of all LiveWorkPlay traditions, starting with a December “family brunch” way back in 1998. Therefore, to make claims about the 2018 Festive Family Feast as one of the greatest of all time must be done with some caution. So let us say instead that thanks to the presence of so many young children and the size of the crowd, combined with some caroling, it was certainly one of the most memorable!

LiveWorkPlay family feasts (September, December, March) are not fundraisers, information sessions, or promotional events, they are old-fashioned community-building gatherings, where the agenda is to ensure newcomers feel welcomed and valued, and for those who already feel that way, to spread the joy to others!

While there’s no exit survey to prove it, from the buzz in the room and the happy faces (and how long everyone hung around way after the coffee went cold) we think it is safe to say “mission accomplished!”

Not everyone in the room knew Charlotte Savage or new her well, but it certainly felt like she was in the room, taking part in the laughter and smiles. Charlotte passed away on December 1st, and we are hopeful that the way we chose to remember her is just what she wanted. She was a fixture at family feast events for 20 years, and we know that her daughter Jenny and partner Dan will carry on the tradition. We can’t think of a better tribute to Charlotte than carrying on this tradition of laughter and love.

The happy news of the night was the announcement that Sebastian Hale has accepted a position with Health Canada! Sebastian will be leaving Milestone’s in Kanata, where he has been a dedicated employee for the past four years.

“It’s a pretty long bus ride from Sebastian’s home in the Lowertown area.” commented his father Peter. “But nothing could stop him from getting to work on time, every time.”

It will be a shorter trip to Health Canada and also an opportunity for a different type of work that Sebastian wants to try. “Thank you for sharing my news with everyone” said Sebastian. “I am really excited about this!”