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LiveWorkPlay Invests in Core Gifts to Support the Growth of People and Communities!

“Your gifts rest deep in your bones—yet, when you give them, they become a visible and actionable oath demonstrating over and over again your faith in the thread of life you are woven into.” — Bruce Anderson, Walking Your Gifted Path

Mills Community Support, United Way of Lanark County, and other partner organizations recently hosted facilitator Bruce Anderson from the Core Gift Institute for two workshops. 12 members of the LiveWorkPlay staff team were thrilled with the opportunity to participate in the “4 Ways To Know Your Gifts” one-day workshop on April 16. With that prerequisite in hand, Rebecca Coxon and Shayna Grey will spend two more days with Bruce in pursuit of their Core Gift Master Facilitator Certification (previously completed by colleagues Alex Darling, Keenan Wellar, and Julie Kingstone).

What is a Core Gift, you ask? Here’s some information from the Core Gift Institute Website:

One thing we know for certain: understanding and using our gifts is both an old and a new idea. Cultures and faith traditions, many centuries old, used specific methods to identify and use gifts in their members. Now, modern neuroscience and positive psychology have backed up older wisdom traditions by proving that individuals thrive when they are able to find meaning in their lives by knowing and giving their gifts. Yet there is no central place where a person or organization can go to get a wide perspective and in-depth information about gifts from a variety of beliefs and fields of practice.

LiveWorkPlay is incorporating the gifts concept into their work at all levels: core gift interviews are now being utilized with supported individuals, volunteers, staff members, and board members!