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Congratulations Laura: Celebrating A First Year Work Anniversary

Quality in human services has a direct correlation to quality humans delivering those services! Experienced and committed staff who stay in their jobs over the long term are critical to a strong workplace culture. They serve as mentors to new staff, and establish a consistent trusted presence with individuals supported by LiveWorkPlay and their families. We are sharing a bit more about our staff team on the occasion of annual workplace anniversaries. Join us in celebrating a first anniversary for Laura Lobay! To help get to know her a little better, here are some questions and answers about Laura.

What is your favorite memory of your first year at LiveWorkPlay?

It has been such a fantastic year with a whole whirlwind of memories! I have had such a great time getting to know a number of different members, as well as supporting people as they start new jobs! One that stands out is an individual who was incredibly excited to start her job last summer. Not only has she done an outstanding job at work, but the employer was extremely welcoming and prepared a wonderful welcome package for her, complete with images of the workplace and colleagues. It was really great to see how warmly she was welcomed at her job and how successful she has been!

What brought you to work at LiveWorkPlay and why?

I have been involved with LiveWorkPlay for a number of years as a family member, since my nephew has been supported by the organization since he was a teen. When I went back to university in my 30’s, I volunteered with LiveWorkPlay and had a great time getting to know the person I was matched with. I completed my Master’s in Health Science with a goal of working with social determinants of health for people who are traditionally marginalized. Working on the employment team allows me to achieve that goal! I love supporting our members and helping them figure out what kind of jobs will be meaningful for them, knowing the impact this will have on other domains of their lives.

What are you looking forward to in the future with your work?

I am looking forward to continuing to grow with the employment team! Our team is growing quickly and it will be exciting to see how things will evolve in the next year and beyond. I am also looking forward to taking part in more learning opportunities such as the CASE conference in Montreal in June, where LiveWorkPlay will be presenting!

Three quick compliments about Laura shared by workers and people she helps support:

Such an infectious laugh and she is quick to share a smile!

Laura is very welcoming and it is easy to open up to her.

Laura really loves her work and it shows!