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Happy Second Work Anniversary Rebecca!

Quality in human services has a direct correlation to quality humans delivering those services! Experienced and committed staff who stay in their jobs over the long term are critical to a strong workplace culture. They serve as mentors to new staff, and establish a consistent trusted presence with individuals supported by LiveWorkPlay and their families. We are sharing a bit more about our staff team on the occasion of annual workplace anniversaries. Join us in celebrating a two year anniversary for Rebecca Coxon! To help get to know her a little better, here are some questions and answers about Rebecca.

What is your favorite memory of your most recent year at LiveWorkPlay?

My favourite memory of my most recent year at LiveWorkPlay is getting to meet and learn from John McKnight. I was fortuitously paired with and had the opportunity to talk one-to-one with John at the Toronto Summer Institute. Many practitioners consider him to be the father of Asset Based Community Development so this was very exciting. These interactions and my follow-up research have resulted in a shift in focus on helping members, staff and loved ones. This includes encouraging and supporting them to discover their core gifts, and how the giving of those gifts contributes to a sense of belonging within the community.

What is a favourite memory from previous years?

I would say spending time with the Algonquin College Public Relations students and their campaign to raise money for LiveWorkPlay. Second-year ACPR students hosted an 11-event fundraising campaign for LiveWorkPlay back in the spring 2016. I was fortunate enough to attend several of these events, including a pub night where some of the students got to meet some of our LiveWorkPlay members. We had some adult beverages and danced to some tunes and raised some money together. It was a great way to kick off the campaign because ACPR students enjoyed the authentic social experience and got a feel for how we support individuals and the community to be welcoming and inclusive.

What are you looking forward to in the future with your work?

In the future I look forward to learning more and growing as a Community Connector. I plan to use my Core Gifts training to help our members build connections in the community for meaningful and reciprocal relationships wherever they live, work, and play!

Three quick compliments about Rebecca shared by workers and people she helps support:

With Rebecca on your side, you’ve got a real champion backing you all the way!

When a barrier is in the way for someone she is supporting she will work with that person and keep at it no matter how long it takes to knock it down.

She has an endless supply of family stories that leave you laughing and also questioning how much is fact and how much is fiction (Rebecca: “It’s all fact”).