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Good Things In Life Podcast: Keenan Wellar from LiveWorkPlay Talks About “Just Enough Support”

If you haven’t yet discovered the Good Things In Life podcast, website, Facebook group, and network, here’s an opportunity for you to check it out with host Genia Stephen taking the time to explore the LiveWorkPlay “Just Enough Support” concept – as a philosophy, as a practice, and for its underlying values, as demonstrated through real world examples.

“Genia and her network – mainly family members – are doing an amazing job of going beyond the headlines and digging into what inclusion really means, and sharing information in a way that directly addresses the daily needs of individuals and families. The network is also promoting important long-term thinking about partnerships and relationships with the community, including schools, service agencies, and systems” says Keenan.

You can access the entire interview, including a transcript, free of charge from the Good Things In Life website.