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A 25th Anniversary Celebration We’ll Never Forget: Make A Buzz Ottawa, May 7, 2020

When words just won’t do, roll video! It was an incredible night with a 90 minute 25th anniversary showcase with interviews and special video presentations, followed by a full set of live music by Dave Kalil. This was not the party we had been planning for almost a year, but we came together as a community and had an amazing time online with hundreds of guests, and we laughed and cried just like we always do! The video above is part of a complete playlist where you can watch individuals segments from the Make A Buzz Ottawa show from May 7, or watch the entire show in one long video. We also brought in over $7000 (144% of our goal) with an online auction, in addition to more than $10,000 in sponsorship contributions and $5000 in ticket sales for a surprising $22,500 raised! There are expense to pay but this was a fabulous and uplifting time together, with the significant fundraising as an unexpected bonus.

Below is a listing of all event videos:

You may also view the same videos on our Facebook page.

Coming together online to celebrate our 25th anniversary was a challenge as well as a blessing. It was remarkable to see the strength of the connections that have been maintained since the 1990s, as well as recognizing the growth and change in the lives of members and the organization itself over 25 years. There is no one right formula for how people come together to build a stronger and more inclusive community, but hearing from volunteers, family members, staff, advocates, and other supporters we clearly have much to celebrate and much to give, even as we continue to learn and grow.