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LiveWorkPlay Staff Team Holiday Appreciation: Getting Creative!

It is a longstanding tradition for the LiveWorkPlay staff team to enjoy a Secret Santa exchange, which normally features several days of tokens and small gifts around the office, followed by a final gift exchange over dinner. And of course writing and sending holiday cards to all of our members and partners!

Except for the cards, this year none of that was possible, but just like every other tradition we have kept going through the pandemic, the team was determined to find a way to celebrate each other during the holiday season.

To show appreciation and keep the Secret Santa tradition alive, through a random draw everyone was assigned a recipient for whom they made a short video that spoke to a favourite memory of the person, as well as the sharing of appreciation and gratitude for what they bring to the team.

In addition, everyone completed a wish list for a small budget for a gift or two, featuring Canadian-made items to be purchased from local businesses. For 2020 this included Robert Plante Greenhouses, Equator Coffee, Hummingbird Chocolate, Kichesippi Beer, World of Tea, Thyme and Again, Marlborough Pub, and Farm Boy.

We hope that everyone expecting a card from us has received it by now! If not, we apologize for any mailing list failures or postal deliveries gone wrong, and please accept this digital edition. All the best from all of us to all of you!