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Celebrating the Life of Pat McBride

Pat, Ryan, and Mike at LiveWorkPlay 20th Anniversary 2015

From the obituary in the Ottawa Citizen – please scroll down for our LiveWorkPlay tribute.

Patricia Ann McBride
April 30, 1949 – May 18, 2021

Patricia passed away peacefully at Ottawa’s May Court Hospice following a lengthy fight against cancer.

Pat was a wife, mother, friend, educator, liver transplant recipient, mentor and care giver to many. She advocated strongly for fairness and equality for those who were intellectually or physically disadvantaged.

She loved spending time and making memories at the cottage on Lac Rheaume.

Pat was blessed to have lasting friendships dating back to her youth and seemed to draw people to her no matter the age. She enjoyed the love and acceptance of her many sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law and extended family and friends.

She was also a loving aunt to many and tried to provide advice and context when asked.

She was predeceased by her parents(John Victor Ralph and Joan Elizabeth Way)and her sister Sharron.

She is survived by her husband Michael, her sister Kathy Serediak and her greatest achievement, her loving son Ryan. We will miss her greatly in so many ways.

We wish to express our thanks to all of the medical and hospice staff from whom Pat received care over the years.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Canadian Liver Foundation or the Canadian Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (CNETS).

A private family internment will be held due to COVID.

Pat is one of the original group of parents who came to the first meetings of what was then called Special Needs Network, she attended our first events (here she is way back in the day at our first office at 211 Bronson) and missed very few of them over the past 25 years. She was not only a champion for LiveWorkPlay but for other parents and their kids, not to mention thousands of hours of conversations with staff and volunteers about their own families, interests, and worries.
At the LiveWorkPlay pool party, hosted by the Harris family. Pat loved the cannonball contest, but more than that, the tradition of attempting to soak guests on their way out. Just looking at this photo it is easy to imagine her hysterical laughter at one of her friends or their kids getting a soaker.
An ambassador for LiveWorkPlay, Pat seldom refused a request for a photo, and she always brightened up the room.
Wondering why we chose this strange blurry photo? That’s Pat hugging Kelly from the bus tour company after Ryan and other LiveWorkPlay members got back from a trip. She probably hugged the driver too.
“Thick as thieves those two!” Pat with Elaine Murphy, ready to take on any challenge big or small, in many a recording of a LiveWorkPlay event their cackles can be heard over the rest of the din (often when the person on stage was not telling a joke).
Mike and Pat. Pat and Mike. If you ever got lucky enough to be in a conversation where they were zinging each other, you got treated to a special show and the type of smile only true love can bring.
Never far. Ryan and Pat. Pat and Ryan. The intense concern and caring for others lives on in her son.