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LiveWorkPlay Annual General Meeting 2021: Gratitude, Resilience, Reflection, Progress

LiveWorkPlay Annual General Meeting 2021 took place on the evening of June 21, via live Zoom video. Retiring board members Christine Felteau and Michelle O’Doherty were thanked for their important work with the Stewardship and Governance committees, and Jon Doody and Cathy Velazquez were elected to the two vacant positions. Returning to the board areĀ  Daniel Spagnolo (re-elected as Chair), Kate Sherwood (serving as Vice-Chair for the first time) along with Robin McIntyre, Andrea Saldhana, and Carole Sheppard.

In addition to a letter from the Chair, and reports from Stewardship, Governance, Operations, and Communications, voting members and more than 50 others in attendance heard from special guest David Chalmers (presentation on leadership training) and Ross Holmes, the independent auditor. This year’s Annual Report (which includes all of the presentations mentioned above) is now available in a dynamic format on our website, with videos and links that provide additional support to the documents distributed to members.