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Author: Keenan Wellar, MA
Foreword: Al Condeluci, PhD
Copyright © 2015 by LiveWorkPlay
ISBN: 9781518497278

Since 1995, LiveWorkPlay founders Julie Kingstone and Keenan Wellar have helped lead a remarkable journey towards a more efficient and effective means of supporting vastly improved life outcomes for individuals supported by the organization.

Benefiting from the contributions of a growing volunteer team and dedicated community partners, LiveWorkPlay is facilitating possibilities and opportunities, helping individuals and their families overcome systemic and attitudinal barriers faced by people with intellectual disabilities in their daily lives.

Refreshing and uplifting, this book is based around the live proceedings of the organization’s 20th anniversary in 2015,
with stories, anecdotes, photographs, and links to videos and other supporting documents and media.

From the introduction by Keenan Wellar: A note about the title “The Courage to Fail, the Will to Succeed.” This is intended to reflect the interdependence between the LiveWorkPlay organization and the people who have placed their trust in our abilities. We have indeed taken risks as an agency, often resulting in disappointment or failure. From these struggles we have learned, improved, and often succeeded. The same is true of the people we have had the privilege of supporting who have put their very lives in our hands. For every leap of faith required of them along the way, we are forever grateful.

From the foreword by Al Condeluci: The brilliance of the work that has been done by the people of LiveWorkPlay demonstrates the power of social capital. As Julie and Keenan developed the framework for LiveWorkPlay, they knew that life is holistic, and that people cannot really exist in a vacuum or in the silos that typify human services. They knew instinctively that a good life is predicated on relationships. It cannot be parceled out like products. I believe this understanding is key to the organization’s success in building a passionate network of supporters. I am proud to be a partner with LiveWorkPlay and to be associated with their leadership. They know that a connection with others takes us deeper into our own souls. Through others we get to know ourselves better. This deeper fulfillment is the fuel that helps us lead a better life as it enlivens our understanding of what it means to be human. LiveWorkPlay lives this every day, and therein makes its mark on its own community and those who choose to pay attention to its message and achievements.