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Levy TD Place Receives Inclusive Employer Award at LiveWorkPlay Make a Buzz Ottawa, May 10, 2024

On the occasion of the LiveWorkPlay 29th Anniversary and the annual Make A Buzz Ottawa Celebration of Community, an Inclusive Employer Award for the Private Sector was awarded to Levy TD Place on May 10, 2024 at the Preston Event Centre. Below is the live captioned video from the event, a selection of photos, and a full unofficial transcript. Congratulations Levy TD Place!

Jen Broad (LiveWorkPlay( Jessica Yee, Natalee Wistow, Nasra Yusef (Levy TD Place), Anna Nelson (LiveWorkPlay)
Jen Broad (LiveWorkPlay( Jessica Yee, Natalee Wistow, Nasra Yusuf (Levy TD Place), Anna Nelson (LiveWorkPlay)
Jessica Yee and the audience of 200 at Make A Buzz Ottawa 2024

Anna Nelson, LiveWorkPlay Director of Employment Supports

We have had a relationship with this employer since the launch of the new Lansdowne Park and the establishment of food and beverage services for TD Place arena, stadium, and special events. 

We have always enjoyed working with their team, but last year and continuing into this year, they accelerated their commitment to inclusive hiring with evolved hiring and onboarding processes that make great employment outcomes easier for everyone! They have also increased their number of hires, which may soar to as many as 20 during their upcoming busy season. 

This employer has partnered with LiveWorkPlay for customized information sessions for jobseekers to learn more about the opportunities, roles, and responsibilities of their workplace. Their managers have worked closely with our team of Inclusion specialists to help determine any needed accommodations and implement the solutions that are best for each individual employee. They have done the work of establishing a culture where inclusion is not a chore, but rather an integral aspect of creating a workplace where people feel supported to learn, grow, and contribute. 

They exemplify what it means to be a supportive and inclusive employer: congratulations to Levy TD Place!

Let’s welcome Levy TD Place Director of Operations Jessica Yee and colleagues Nasra Yusuf and Natalee Wistow to receive their 2024 LiveWorkPlay Inclusive Employer Award!

Jessica Yee, Levy TD Place Director of Operations

Thank you so much for this amazing award.

And I know for all of us at TD Place, Levy specifically, we have been pursuing a personal goal for us to be able to continue to
be as inclusive as possible and continue to support the LiveWorkPlay organization, as we had an amazing experiences working with your teams. Laura has been fantastic.

So we just want to continue for years to come.

And I know we’re really excited for the upcoming season.

Thank you so much!