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My Own Home Bursary Awards at LiveWorkPlay Make a Buzz Ottawa, May 10, 2024

On the occasion of the LiveWorkPlay 29th Anniversary and the annual Make A Buzz Ottawa Celebration of Community, Stephen Mullins and Mickel Delorme were celebrated for moving to a home of their own and each received a $200 My Own Home bursary.

Below is the live captioned video from the event, a photo, and a full unofficial transcript. Congratulations!

Group photo
Mickel Delorme, Grace Hudston, Stephen Mullins

Grace Hudson

The last awards, a bursary presentation and two awards for individual members.

So for the last time, please welcome Keenan Wellar.

Keenan Wellar

Well, thanks.

Alex and Grace.

Wasn’t that a terrific series of volunteer awards?

What an amazing community partner.

Thank you so much.

Just three presentations remaining.

I think I need an assistant to award this.

Julie was going to do it, but I would be happy to have Grace.


First up, it’s the My Own Home bursary.

We have Barry Wellar, via video, continuing one of our longstanding traditions to celebrate our members who move to a home of their own in the community.


You didn’t see that.

Barry Wellar

Good evening everyone.

I hope that you are having a fine time.

When my wife, Marjorie and I started this program we really had no idea how it would go, how long it would take, who would participate.

But it turns out that we’ve had some quite amazing results, one of which is we are closing in on sixty bursaries as we head towards the 30th anniversary of LiveWorkPlay.

The question is, how close are we?

Well, as a matter of fact, we’re very close.

As we look at 2024, we have two more entries.

Number 58 and number 59, we have Stephen Mullins and Mickel Delorme.

So that puts us at 59.

And next year we might just hit sixty.

So we want to congratulate both Stephen and Mickel, tell them that we have a $200 dollar bursary for them, and we congratulate them on their success in moving into a place of their own.

And we also want to thank and congratulate the other 57, so that we have two more today, and the other 57.

And you should all take a bow.

So bravo to you and well done.

Keenan Wellar

Thank you.

I didn’t realize my Dad still had those pipes, sorry about the volume.