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LiveWorkPlay is located at Suite 402, 2197 Riverside Drive, Ottawa ON, K1H 7X3.

Our main phone number (automated) is 613-235-9550 (directory provided).

LiveWorkPlay responds to thousands of calls and emails every month. We have a great reputation for our speedy response times, but we are a small team and at certain busy times of year, your patience is appreciated as we work hard to catch up on all of our correspondence.

Click on the name of any staff member below to send them an email.

Please contact Co-Leader & Director of Communications Keenan Wellar
at 613-702-0332 for Media Relations, Public Relations, and related communications.

Please contact Co-Leader & Director of Operations Julie Kingstone
at 613-702-0331 for Human Resources, Finance, and related inquiries.

It may seem tempting to contact one of our Executive Staff (Keenan or Julie) no matter why you are calling, but it is better for everyone to take your time and review the list of contacts below to make sure that you are not creating an extra step for yourself and for staff.

Batoul Auf 613-604-4652 Team Lead, Community Support, via Developmental Services Ontario referral.

Grace Hudson 613-702-0329 Team Lead, Community Support, via Fee For Service.

Roberta McKenna 343-644-9748 Supported Independent Living Fee For Service INTAKE and Ontario Disability Support Program Employment Supports INTAKE.

Anna Nelson 613-702-0324 Director of LiveWorkPlay Employment Supports, Coordinator of the Federal Employment Strategy Group (FESG) GOT JOBS?

ON LEAVE Alex Darllng 613-702-0328 Supported Independent Living, People Connector and Volunteer Coordinator. Contact Rebecca Coxon 613-706-3396 (currently serving as interim Volunteer Coordinator).

Inclusive Employment Team*

Inclusive Employment Projects

Joshua Gray 613-703-4538 (Inclusive Employment Specialist and Project Manager of CNSIPSE)

Workplace Inclusion Specialists

Laura Lobay 613-703-5602
Joëlle Perrier 613-703-4521
Richard Landry 613-702-0327
Jen Broad  613-227-6044
Jean-Claude Taylor-Cline 343-644-9998

Employment Discovery Specialists

Sarah Nkanza 613-706-3692
Neil Abraham 613-818-2702
CodyThompson 613-703-5344

Community Support Team*

Daniel Harris 613-703-9952
Anthony Stratton 613-703-5207
Shayna Grey 613-703-5331
Chris Floyd 613-704-7941
Ron Kok 613-706-3735
Rebecca Coxon
613-706-3396 (currently serving as interim Volunteer Coordinator)
Roberto Guaradado 343-655-1072
Maggie Dimock 613-702-8482
Mikayla Young 343-655-1221
Sydney Whitmore 613-875-0867
Tianna Geddes 613-703-4065
Lindsay Pritchard 343-809-1366

If you are calling with a Developmental Services system access question and/or looking for information about organizations other than LiveWorkPlay, please contact Developmental Services Eastern Ontario Region (DSOER). All persons with intellectual disabilities (developmental disabilities) should register with DSOER. Failure to do so may create significant future complications should you be seeking services or supports from any agency that receives funding support from the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

* For more information about our supports and services, please see our “How We Can Help You” page!

LiveWorkPlay does not offer a drop-in for visitorsVisitation is by appointment only. This is because our work takes us out into the community and we do not maintain a staff presence at our offices at all times.  Please get in touch and we will be happy to organize an appointment where appropriate.

You can email the Chair of the Board at The role of the Chair does not involve responding to operational questions or issues. In general, it is appropriate to contact the Chair if you are yourself a board member of a non-profit organization and/or you have business to discuss that is related to governance.