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Please enjoy our National Volunteer Week 2023 video as an introduction to volutneering at LiveWorkPlay!

We usually host an orientation the first Wednesday evening of each month. Contact our People Connector and Volunteer Coordinator to RSVP to one of these sessions.

To get a flavour for the critical contribution of LiveWorkPlay volunteers, check out our Just Enough Support video (featuring several one to one matches) or download a copy of our brochure!

There are many different ways to make a contribution as a LiveWorkPlay volunteer. This includes spending one on one time with one of our members to explore a shared  interest in the community (it could be anything from playing video games to rock climbing) as well as supporting social activities as part of a small group.

Our orientation covers essential safety and risk management issues, but one of the reasons our volunteer team continues to grow is that the experience is also a lot of fun! It is very common (but still wonderful to hear) that LiveWorkPlay volunteers will make a comment such as: “I decided to volunteer because I wanted to give something back to my community, but it turns out I’m the one that has benefited the most.”

There are volunteer opportunities with other agencies that may seem similar, but there is one common key difference with the LiveWorkPlay approach: this is not an act of charity. This is about bringing together citizens from the same community who might not otherwise have the opportunity to connect. While people who do not have a disability experience the world in ways that are different from those who do have a disability, those differences are only a small part of what it means to be a human being. At LiveWorkPlay we are focused on the similarities and also the knowledge that these different ways of experiencing the world can result in not only increased understanding and awareness, but also mutual enlightenment!

We usually host an orientation the first Wednesday evening of each month. Contact our People Connector and Volunteer Coordinator to RSVP to one of these sessions.