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Contact Keenan Wellar, LiveWorkPlay Co-Leader & Director of Communications

My office phone is 613-702-0332. This will also ring my cellular phone. If you want to talk to me on the phone, there’s no secret number or special number to call, that is the best one to call. Do not hesitate to leave a voice mail if I am not able to answer – a copy of your voice mail will also be sent to me by email.

My email address is We stopped using email for internal communications at LiveWorkPlay in 2018 (we use a communications hub called Slack) so please be patient as I do check my email daily, but I do not check my email multiple times a day.

I am active on multiple social media channels, under my own name as well as representing LiveWorkPlay, but for professional inquiries, LinkedIn is most appropriate for a direct message, or to access my full credentials. I do not monitor for direct messages on other platforms as frequently as LinkedIn.

Please make sure I am the right person to contact before you reach out – only because it will save both of us time if your call was better suited to another member of the team. Our entire team directory is available here:

Thank you for your interest in LiveWorkPlay!

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